About Us

Meta Cortex started in 2006 as a hobby project to create pop culture, movie and tv t-shirts for print on demand companies. In 2011 due to popularity Meta Cortex became a full time commitment and started taking the already existing wealth of designs created in our catalogue and began printing and selling our own garments inhouse, inspired by your favourite Movies, Games, TV Shows and general geekery.

When you order a garment from Meta Cortex, you know that we made it, we designed it and it comes direct from us. We do not import in other companies stock designs (one of the very few companies that don't). Almost everything you see was created and designed by Meta Cortex and not available from anyone else.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the trade as well as a love for what we do.

Meta Cortex also attends trade shows and conventions hawking their wares to the masses.


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